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My In – home personal chef services offer flavorful and nutritious meals prepared in your home. Dishes are created based on your food preferences, seasonal ingredients and what looks best in the market. Our first meeting takes place in your kitchen to discuss food sensitivities, family favorites and healthy eating goals. During this time we review kitchen equipment, pantry staples and food shopping options.
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I am a firm believer in tasting first, then seasoning. A valued lesson I learned when I first started cooking. I like to think of it as building flavor to create the personality of each dish.

Written recipes stay out of the kitchen during our time, allowing you to focus on the cutting board and what’s on the stove. A re-cap of the day’s learnings are emailed after each session.

Sessions run approximately 3 hours.

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I adore combining delicious flavors, beautiful shapes and gorgeous colors for gatherings. Inspired by the season and all that tastes sublime, festive menus are crafted for events up to 25 people. Each dish is plated with food you will love to look at and be excited to eat.
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“I believe that beauty starts from the inside, which is why I always try to eat healthily and encourage my team to do the same. Jane completely understands and embodies this philosophy, always sourcing the best local and seasonal ingredients to make us healthy food that actually tastes good. She is a pleasure to work with on set and is very professional, courteous, and extremely passionate about what she does. I have tried many local caterers and I truly believe that Jane’s food is not only the cleanest, but also the best tasting.”
Bobbi Brown, Founder and CCO
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