Finally Here!

Finally Here!

I was a late bloomer and the term felt like a tattoo on my vulnerable young soul. Like the Sun- In I doused in my hair to be as fabulous as Twiggy, it was temporary. Awkward and a bit odd I became an observer with a jigger of quirky and shot glass of humor. When my grandfather re-married, a cheerless day for my family, his new bride looked for a friend amongst the sea of cross – armed skeptical family members. She targeted me, small and seemingly harmless she walked over, bent down with her red Maybelline smile asked me what I would like her to bring me back from their honeymoon. Without a second of hesitancy I said “a camera.” She stood up, looked down at me and said, “oh, no we can’t do that, it’s too expensive.” Wrong answer Ella. Disappointed and bit embarrassed, I thought why did you ask me and then oh no does my grandfather not have any money. My mom came up to me later and asked what Ella and I were talking about. I told her, she laughed her beautiful laugh and then in her special way mumbled choice words. Well the marriage lasted less than 1 year, but my desire for a camera didn’t stop with Ella. Unknown to me being a late bloomer led the way to be an observer with a camera and apron.

OK Now Go Blog

With the re-design of my website, I no longer have the stand by comment “when I change up my website I’ll have a blog and you can read about the recipe.” As a vendor at the Montclair Farmer’s Market I chat with customers. We exchange weekly events and always talk food. So here I am with a gorgeous re-design, thanks to the very talented and always patient Danielle Kennedy. And I realize that I am a blog innocent.

Overheard at a party it’s not do you want …. (fill in your favorite recreational go to) it’s “do you blog.” After staring at blank screen and walking Jack for the third time, I decided to forgo trying to be blog brilliant and offer a journal with images that catch my eye and words that describe my love for the food of the moment. There will be recipes that you can follow in a classic recipe format infused with helpful lifestyle cooking notes.

Cheers to food that you create in your kitchen and keep you going back for more!